FAQs / House Rules

Our floor team comprises exceptionally talented and professionally trained singers who captivate our guests with live performances from the moment we open until we close, every day! 

Our music selection at Archer Street is a delightful fusion of diverse genres spanning the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, contemporary chart-toppers, and even those nostalgic cheesy hits that never fail to bring joy to the crowd.

At Archer Street, we aim to provide an exceptional party experience. While we offer an area for your group to gather and celebrate, please understand that this area is not exclusive. Due to our unique bar concept, we cannot always guarantee seating for the entire party. We leave room for a night of dancing!

We appreciate that you may have preferences for specific areas or floors within the venue. While we do our best to accommodate such requests, please be aware that Archer Street does not guarantee any particular tables or floors. On the day of your booking, our management may need to make necessary adjustments to ensure the smooth operation of the venue.

Our last bookings take place at 9pm until we close.

At Archer Street, we welcome walk-ins, allowing you to visit without a prior booking. However, please note that entry is subject to capacity limitations and at the discretion of our door team.

Archer Street sets itself apart as an immersive cocktail bar experience rather than a traditional restaurant. While we take pride in serving pizzas and irresistible cheese and charcuterie boards, these options are designed to complement the bar atmosphere and serve as delightful bar snacks. Please note that we do not provide an extensive à la carte menu or offer fully seated table service. 

Private parties and large groups are invited to view our Canapé menu options, to make your evening extra special. Please note, these are available for pre-orders only.

At Archer Street, we operate a smart elegant dress code. We ask that you approach your wardrobe deliberately and with a sense of occasion. We simply love personality here at Archer Street, and welcome purpose and originality, however, do note we favour a glamorous dress code. We do not allow beachwear, sportswear, fancy dress/fancy dress paraphernalia, loungewear, flip flops, tracksuits, sports trainers or caps. Gents are allowed to wear smart shorts in warmer weather. Please note we operate a 25 and over policy. The venue reserves the right to refuse entry.

For the convenience and safety of all our guests, Archer Street provides a complimentary cloakroom service. We kindly ask that all guests store their bags and coats in the cloakroom. This policy is in place to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations, as our team moves around the floor during performances, and we have open flames from our candles.

  • For bookings of 2-15 guests, a £50 deposit is required.
  • For bookings of 16-29 guests, a £250 deposit is required.
  • For bookings of 30 or more guests, a £500 deposit is required.

Regarding cancellations:

  • For bookings of 9 guests and below, a 7-day cancellation policy applies.
  • For bookings of 10 or more guests, a 14-day cancellation policy applies.

This pre-authorisation will not be claimed unless you:

  1. Do not show up to your booking
  2. Or cancel within our policy terms

Card information is stored securely. Once you have attended your booking, we do not retain any card information. 

The deposit amount is subject to change during the Christmas period.

Archer Street customers are required to pay a £10 entry fee after 9pm.

Guests arriving with pre-booked reservations will be liable to this charge after 9:30pm.

This excludes Notting Hill.

Knights Card holders are exempt from any charge.