Soho Themed Bars

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MYKI Beach Bar


‘Life’s a beach in Archer Street Soho’s lower ground floor with this summer’s pop-up Soho Beach Bar. Escape London’s bustling streets to your favourite European beach bar inspired by the shores of Mykonos with white and blue interiors, tropical palms and sun loungers. Sip on our new and fresh cocktail menu – think fresh cucumber, kaffir lime, coconut water with rum.

And of course, performances from our talented West End trained performers to get everyone up dancing until sunrise.

Open now!

Piste Bar


Our luxurious Piste bar offers the perfect après-ski atmosphere for all those missing the slopes. This London venue is the perfect escape from the cold outside, where you can cosy up next to the fire on our fur-lined loungers while sipping Soho’s best cocktails. Piste, with its charming balance of alpine luxury and glacial glamour, is an exceptional destination for a great night out in Soho.



Chakka; a bar that effortlessly captures the elegance and excitement of British polo. The interior exudes timeless charm with its blend of rustic and contemporary elements, featuring dark mahogany accents, plush  seating, and vintage polo memorabilia. Transporting you to a world of refined luxury and sporting ambiance as you indulge in handcrafted cocktails and savour the rich heritage of the game.



Barzinho, an inspired Brazilian bar that encapsulates the vibrant essence of Brazil in a single space. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere as you step into a world of colourful decor, tropical accents, and captivating murals depicting Brazil’s iconic landscapes.



Our festival bar transports you to the heart of a lively British festival. Step into a world filled with vibrant colours, whimsical decorations, and a festive atmosphere that captures the essence of these celebrated events.

Antigua X Barbuda Beach Bar


Enjoy the laid-back island atmosphere of our Antigua X Barbuda beach bar. A captivating destination that celebrates the vibrant spirit and rich cultural heritage of these beautiful Caribbean islands. Step into a world of tropical paradise as you are greeted by the warm breeze and stunning decor that echoes the charm of Antigua and Barbuda.